Hot Filling Machines provide an accurate control of the temperature and product flow during the filling operation. Product flow is adjusted automatically to the product flow according to the operational speed, regardless of product viscosity or density.

Jacketed product circuit with continuous recirculation of the product and the thermic fluid to keep an homogeneous temperature all along the product path and to avoid product sedimentation inside the Filler.

Sitck Deodorant Rotary Filler - 250 u.p.m.

Solid AirFreshener Linear Filler & Cooling Tunnel - 300 u.p.m.

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Normally Used for...

Most of the Health Care Applications are supplied for Solid Air Fresheners, Stick Deodorants & Antiperspirants, Candles and Cosmetics.

Hazard Products

Mechanical Dosing Filling System with Ceramic sleeves and pistons and Explosion-Proof execution to manage liquids containing solvents generating an explosive atmohspehre inside of the Filler.


MassFlow and Maglow Fillers require easy inspection systems with clear indications and full access to all machine areas where human intervention is required for maintenance duties.