Swirl Filling - Multistream Technology

Multi Stream technology allows to combine 2 or more products in a swirl pattern. Each product phase is dosed and controlled independently by means of individual Servomotors to have the capability to change the product distribution concentration inside of the bottle as the swirl pattern requires.

No limitation at all related to rotation speed, number of revolutions, multi product combination, container size, etc.

Some Swirl Products require Hot Fill Technology to reduce product viscosity or to help the product to become liquid. Both philosophies (cold and hot filling) can be combined in the same Filler for different formulas or product profiles.

Antonio Mengibar S.A. manufactures as well Pre heating units to thermal shock with the bottle and Dry Cooling Tunnels.

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Local initiatives to promote and develop the packaging technology in the school, university and professionals.

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Mengibar is concerned about Sustainability and contributes to the packaging industry with environmentally sensitive methods.

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We are looking for new candidates to expand our business in Europe, America and Asia, feel free to contact us.

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