Hot Filling Technology

Filling Machine

Linear or Rotary Hot Filling Machines provide an accurate control of the temperature and product flow during the filling operation. Product flow is adjusted automatically according to the operational speed, regardless of product viscosity or density.

Jacketed product circuit with continuous recirculation of the product and the thermic fluid to keep an homogeneous temperature all along he product path to avoid product sedimentation and premature cooling inside the filler.

Cooling Tunnels

Designed from individual modules that can be added or withdrawn easily (plug & play). The cooling tunnel features the cooling unit, fan system and conducts to recirculate the cooled air inside the tunnel. Both configurations, Serpentine and Single Lane design, are available. Progressive decrease of the temperature is controlled to avoid the risk of thermic shock and the consequent risk of crystallization and product surface crack.

Cooling Tunnels can be designed using different cooling levels, with different cooling areas for each different level. The second level allows to reduce the footprint of the cooling tunnel to a 50% of the initial surface.

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