25 years ago Mengibar built the first Trigger Sprayer Capping Machine when we were required to develop a solution that was not available in the market yet. That was the beginning of a successful range of machinery that has been developed along with the years to include the latest technologies and tendencies.

Rotary Pump Capper for Trigger Pumps - 150 u.p.m.

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Concept Design

Normally Used for...

Pumps Cappers are usually used on General Purpose Cleaners, Garden Care, Kitchen Cleaners, Automotive Products, Body Wash, Creams and Body Oil.

Torque Control

Controlled by Servomotors 'Electronic Torque Control'. Each station reports to the main machine PLC to identify overtorqued and undertorqued bottles for rejection. Torque values for screw-on closures is monitorized and controlled from the H.M.I.

Electronic Cam

Capping head vertical stroke is monitorized and controlled from the H.M.I. Different cam profiles for different closures and dip tubes length are easily preselected by the line operator